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Read what some of our subscribers are saying about TrendProphecy.

From USA - Hi, I love your software, I will assume that I will be a Lifelong subscription     Thanks      Bob    :-) :-)

From London  UK - I am very impressed with your product so far. I've just tried your free trial program and I think that it can help me in my trading.

From USA - I love your service and am deeply grateful that you offer it. It has taken some getting used to but I am able to trade profitably everyday using your signals when they converge and then getting out like a bat out of hell. I have become quite the price point scalper. Which I could not do without the confidence of your product. I renewed my subscription.

From Australia - Hi there, I’m currently looking at your free trial, it looks like very promising software, and I’m impressed at how simply you have laid it out as well as the price.

From London  UK - I've been testing your fine program this week and found it works as advertised, and more importantly, does not change signals after it sends out a long or short if it was in the wrong direction. ALL the other programs I have used do just that. ... I think you got yourself a really fine product here.

From Denmark Copenhagen - Great program, trading SP futures, very easy to use and the best part is the profit I earn!
Thanks again.

From USA - I'm Dr. ......, and I have previously subscribed to your service and found it to be very helpful. I am amazed at the accuracy of your product. Now I am subscribing again and have some questions....

From Australia - Greeting FX traders, For 2 weeks I have been testing TrendProphecy, this is a platform, that makes a loud 'gonging' sound and flashes a green buy or red sell, when the ideal trade sets up. I like to check each trade against our strength indicators, and although it has some oddities I think it is the best on the market, as it equates each trade using patten recognition, chaos theory, and complex algorithms, I would say it is 70% to 80% correct.

From USA - I just finished my first trial day and wish it was live, cause the alerts are just awesome. I could have ended up with so many points!
I will sign up for full membership tonight so I can trade by tomorrow morning and make a profit, for once!

2009-10-12 Overall Rating: (4.000) Review: Josh, i think TP is nothing but excellent! Almost all of its recommendations proved to be winners.
02-02-2010, 12:43 PM I've downloaded and installed the TrendPropecy Demo program. Ran it for it's weekly trial, and I must say on checking back with my charts, the majority of calls do seem to be winners.

DonnaForex Forum:
08-17-2010, Tried downloading the trial and the thing looks pretty accurate and its rather good for scalping.

08-21/25-2010, Hi everyone I am testing live version on 7 pairs. I am always up to trying new things and giving back feedback to others so they dont waste there money on all the crap out there. I have been through it all and I want others to not get fished in some cleavour marketing scam!! Today was another good day using Trend Prophecy! I made over 100 pips today!!

03-05-2011 From INDIA - TrendProphecy Fx is the best!
Dear TrendProphecy Team, Your latest version of TrendProphecy Fx software is really good.
Keep up the good work guys.

03-09-2011 From USA - wow just installed new FX version your new feature is great!! Keep up the good work  

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